Cell-To-Cell Communication: Osseointegration

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Autor: Bernd Stadlinger / Hendrik Terheyden

ISBN: 978-1-85097-209-9 Categorías: ,

This international award-winning 3D animation dramatizes the individual roles performed by each of the finely tuned cells, mediators, and transmitters involved in the complex biodynamic process known as osseointegration. Bringing science to life by making the invisible visible, the film chronicles the four phases triggered in succession when a titanium implant is placed where a tooth has been lost: (1) hemostasis; (2) the inflammation phase; (3) the proliferative phase; and (4) the remodeling phase. The accompanying hardcover booklet includes an article outlining the scientific documentation for the processes depicted in the film, as well as the original film script and a quiz on the topics discussed in the film. Students, researchers, and clinicians of all disciplines will find this film and booklet at once instructive, insightful, and fascinating.

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