Minimally Invasive Treatment Concepts in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry (DVD-ROM)

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Autores: Bolz, Wolfgang / Wachtel, Hannes / Hürzeler, Marc / Zuh, Otto

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“This impressive 15-DVD-ROM set showcases the broad spectrum of minimally invasive therapeutic concepts in periodontics and implantology. This is state-of-the-art advanced training. Volumes 1 to 5
• Maxillary Tissue Thickening
• Lateral Window Sinus Floor Elevation with Simultaneous Implant Insertion (Piezo Surgery)
• Extraction, Implant Insertion with Lateral Augmentation Using Autogenous Bone and Bio-Oss (Extension Flap)
• Second Stage Implant Surgery in Maxilla and Mandible with Split-Thickness Flap and Free Mucosal Graft
• Implant Insertion with Internal Sinus Floor Elevation – Summer Technique – Left Maxilla
Volumes 6 to 10
• Implant Insertion with Internal Sinus Floor Elevation – Summer Technique – Right Maxilla
• Alveolar Ridge Augmentation with Palatal Connective Tissue Graft
• Recession Coverage with Coronally Advanced Flap
• The Apically Repositioned Flap
• Esthetic Crown-Lengthening Procedure
• Papilla Augmentation Procedure
Volumes 11 to 15
• GTR with Double Split-Thickness Flap, Emdogain, and Autogenous Bone
• Procedure 1: Simple Implant Placement in the Posterior Mandible
• Procedure 2: Single Implant Placement in the Posterior Mandible
• Single Recession Defect
• Soft Tissue Augmentation in the Mandible, Teeth 12 and 22
• The Access Flap with the Enamel Matrix Protein Emdogain”

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